Today I am going to participate in my own monthly meme from my other blog, All That Naz.

As I continue to traipse down this path of self examination so that one day I will see Christ’s reflection instead of my own, I am reminded of lessons I have learned and several that I’m still trying to accept.

Here are nine of many.

1) Hurting people hurt people

2) Not everything is my fault and to think otherwise is a twisted form of pride

3) I’ve got some junk. Some of it I created, some of it was tossed upon me. Regardless of where it came from it is now mine to deal with. Fortunately, I don’t have to clean up alone.

4) The distilling blood of Christ is the most powerful cleansing agent. It can scrub clean any type of grime.

5) Often, negative responses from others are really between them and God and not about me.

6) Perfection on earth is unattainable

7) God didn’t create me to be everything to every body…He fills that role and when I try to take it over…I get in the way

8) God is sovereign. He knows what He is doing and He is love. He can turn chaos into order, return life to drooping flower petals, and erect beauty from a heap of ashes.

9) I am completely loved, understood, and forgiven, by the King of Kings.

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22 thoughts on “>Lessons

  1. >I am trying to learn and accept these exact same things.I am realizing too, that the more I learn, the more I need to learn.It’s a long journey, but a blessed one.God Bless,Amy:)


  2. >What a great 9 on the 9th. My husband and I are involved in a prayer counseling ministry at our church…and we see first hand that hurting people hurt others…….and you are so right..often when people spew ick…it has nothing to do with us, as much as it does with their relationship with God.Loved your post today.


  3. >Hi Thanks for leaving a comment on my site! I am enjoying yours very much & will return often. One quick lesson I have learned is: There are no good days or bad days, just days of grace.


  4. >#2 really caught my attention. I have some major issues that I did not realize were so rooted in pride. I was reading the other day on how pride and perfectionism go hand in hand. I am so glad that this prideful girl is indeed completely and totally loved, whether I feel like it most days or not. 🙂


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