>Onward to Becoming – Part 3


As promised, here are my spiritual goals derived from I Corinthians 13 written as if they have become a reality. As stated here, I plan to rewrite these goals daily until I live them. Some of these goals I often carry out with ease and some seem unreachable. And on my own I’ll never grasp any of them; but with God, there are no such things as impossibilities.

Love is Patient I persevere through daily struggles without grumbling, complaining, and hastily snapping out of frustration.

Love is Kind – I speak to my husband and children in a gentle manner, considering their feelings before reacting.

Love does not Envy – I do not try to make my husband or children become like anyone else’s and instead love them where they are at the present. And, I refuse to live in the shadow of the “mom who has it all” and instead live in the light that illuminates my blessings.

Love does not Boast – I acknowledge that every positive accomplishment that comes from my hands is possible only because Christ lives in me.

Love is not Proud – I apologize when I wrong my husband and children and ask their forgiveness.

Love is not Rude – I do not belittle my husband or children with sarcastic comments when their behavior does not meet my expectations.

Love is not Self-Seeking – My love for my family is not conditional upon any returned affections.

Love is not Easily Angered – I keep my cool even when provoked.

Love Keeps no Record of Wrongs – I do not bring up past failures to gain leverage over my husband or children.

Love does not Delight in Evil but Rejoices with the Truth – I do not feel vindicated by retaliating when hurt and instead rely on Christ to heal my wounds.

Love Always Protects – I do not use words or actions that will cause damage to the tiny spirits entrusted to my care.

Love Always Trusts; Always Hopes – The joy of knowing Jesus exudes through my actions.

Love Always Perseveres – I am content in knowing that there is nothing I can do that will make Jesus stop loving me, and because of that, I keep loving Him even more.

18 thoughts on “>Onward to Becoming – Part 3

  1. >I have been reading your lists, and I have to say that I need to do this same thing. Your humble, honest heart touches me.My husband and I listened to a message from Joel Osteen Sunday, and he spoke about writing your goals down. He said they are much more likely to happen if you put them on paper. So, we both decided to do that for our marriage, our life goals, and now that I have read your posts I know that I need to do this for my own spiritual goals as well.Thanks for sharing this. God bless you and your family.Amy:)


  2. >How offended would you be if I printed these out and prayed/wrote them over them like they were my own? Seriously. I love this exercise, Angela. So affirming and believing in change.


  3. >You know what I love about this passage of scripture. There are no exception for what we are called to do. NONE. I know it’s not always easy, and some day I strke out on every single one of them, but the reality is that we all need to work very hard at these regardless of where we have come from, what we have experienced in life, or what time of the month it is. We are working on the Kindness, patience, adn not being rude around here with the three little boys. They embrace the words from the Bible and teaching them early to be mindful as God directs is huge. You are doing so by showing your family by example. Beatiful words.


  4. >Writing something down gives it visual “weight,” and you are able to read it, pray over it, and ask God for it. After all, why wouldn’t He honor your desire to be more like Him, right? Like Phil. 1:6 says, we can be confident that He is working in us.


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