>When You Were Four

> (This post was written for my daughter in honor of her fifth birthday, which is today, Jan. 25)

Dear Pumpkindoodle,

Last night, I crept into your bedroom to catch a final glimpse of my four-year-old girl. I did not want to disturb you, but on the eve of your fifth birthday nostalgia propelled me closer. Kneeling beside your bed, I gently brushed your cheek with the tips of my fingers. When I leaned forward to kiss you, as I did when first we met, your reaction evoked a wide smile from my lips. You nestled your head on my collarbone and sighed… and for just a twinkling, you my precious firstborn, became my newborn once again.

My mind then fast-forwarded to the events of this past year. The details of your birth and infancy are well recorded, so today I want to tell you about who you were when you were four-years-old.

When you were four, you were an artist. You viewed the world in full color and differentiated between aqua and blue…violet and purple…fuchsia and pink. While painting was your favorite medium of artistic expression, you also created masterpieces with chalk, crayons, beads, construction paper, paper plates, ribbon, and even remnants of fabric.

When you were four, you were a diplomat. During a parent-teacher conference I learned that you helped your classmates settle squabbles and negotiated many truces between peers who struggled with sharing.

When you were four, you were a trooper. Six months after your fourth birthday, we moved from South Carolina to Georgia. It was the you r fourth move to different state…the second move you remember. Although you missed your friends, church, and playground, you adapted well to your new surroundings. Yes, there were times of sadness and tears rolled down your sweet rosy cheeks, but you…without mommy’s prodding, were quick to remind yourself that those friends you longed for would always live in your heart.

When you were four, you were a cheerleader. When your little brother took his first steps, you clapped so loud that he fell on his startled bottom. Whenever a friend needed encouragement, you responded enthusiastically. If you caught daddy in a rare moment of grumpiness, your hug and words of affirmation brightened his spirits. And when frustration loomed around me, you’d lift me up with a tender pep talk such as, “It’s O.K. Mommy, sometimes things like washing machines just break, but you will always be a beautiful and wonderful mommy.”

When you were four, you were an ambassador of goodwill. Most children are bashful when entering a room full of strangers, but when you encountered such situations, you would smile and shout, “Look at all these new friends!” You enjoyed delivering homemade treats to our neighbors, and confidently greeted everyone you met with a gregarious grin.

When you were four, you were a little girl after the heart of God. I will never forget the day we sat together in your daddy’s recliner and you asked Jesus to be first place in your life. You joined Awanas club at Life Church and learned your memory verses weekly. You openly shared your love of Jesus with others and without prompting prayed for those in need.

When you were four, you were deeply loved…just as you are today my precious girl, no mater where you are or how old you are. So now, I’m going to end my letter to you with borrowed words…words you once spoke to me…

“I love you all the way up to God and back…and you cannot love more than that.”

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  1. >Oh what a precious post! Enjoy the birthday, all of you.Also, thanks for having the button for the Maxey family. I was unaware of that and just spent time reading their entire blog. Also put the button on mine.


  2. >Diplomat, Trooper, Cheerleader, ambassador of goodwill, and a little girl after the heart of God.Matthew 18:3 makes a lot of sense-‘And He said, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven”‘. Blessings to you and your family Pumpkindoodle, especially on your birthday.


  3. >Pumpkindoodle is such a sweetie pie. Thank you for this glimpse into her heart. She will c.h.e.r.i.s.h. her mommy’s words forever. Every kid deserves to be loved as richly.


  4. >How sweet! Happy Birthday to your little one!! I always feel bittersweet on my kiddo’s B-days!Thank you for the compliment on my T-Shirt I made! =) It is always encouraging to hear that people like things I make. Blessings!Megan


  5. >This is such a sweet message to your daughter. I know she will cherish it one day. It certainly reminds me that I need to write about my children more often. This is not a strong area for me but I would like to do better! Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. >I love this… she will treasure it forever! How are you permanantly recording your blog… blurb book, printing each post, something else? Seeing this post reminded me of how much I want my girls to have a copy of my blog and I had great intentions, but so far haven’t found a way to make a hard copy that I like yet. Suggestions?


  7. >What a cutie-pie! And what a sweet, sweet letter for her to treasure!(Hey, I got my tea! It is delicious!!!! I’m going to get spoiled drinking this instead of my usual stuff!)Love to you,K 🙂


  8. >Angela, this is so beautiful!! And touching! And thoughtful! And wonderful! I am so impressed with you and your writing ability and desire to share your heart with your baby girl.. this is just so precious!!!!My little man is turning 4 in a couple weeks… would you mind if I wrote one similar to this for him?? (totally unique to him, but based on your AWESOME premise???)Let me know if you would prefer not..God bless yoU!Amanda


  9. >Such a sweet post. I’ve been going through old pictures and thinking back when my kids were four or five or eight or twelve… Now they’re 14 and nearly 17 and still my two favorite kids ever.


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