>Words Aren’t Always Needed

>Due to caring for a sick toddler and husband, the following is a pitifully late and brief dedication to The Professor, my forever Valentine.

My husband is a quiet man. So quiet that when we first met, I never imagined us dating, let alone sharing our lives together. I’m a talker who thrives on words of affirmation. But my husband has a special gift for communicating without words.

The song “When You Say Nothing At All” sung by Allison Krauss, always makes me think of my husband.

Happy Valentines Day to my sweet Professor

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19 thoughts on “>Words Aren’t Always Needed

  1. >I absolutely love Alison Krauss. What a sweet song for you sweetheart today. I do hope that both of them will get well soon and that you will stay well. Take care of you…


  2. >OOOOHHH GIRL!!! You hit it when you picked AKUS! We love Alison. (Notice how I use her first name ’cause we’re tight.) We’ve seen her in concert a couple of times but the best was in Athens at some little venue on campus. This is one of my favorite slow dance songs with my hubby!


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