>Because of the Cross


Last week, I held an anything goes Easter carnival, and it was a lot of fun. I gathered some great recipes and craft ideas. I got to see the evolution of Linda (from 2nd Cup of Coffee) in her Easter dress glory from infancy to young adulthood. And, I listened to lovely songs and read some beautiful scriptures and heartwarming stories (including this testimony that brought me to tears…OK, sobs) Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I even gave away a prize…two prizes, actually.

By blog carnival standards, Easter Frills and Thrills was a success. But it left me wanting more. So, I decided to hold round two…sort of…only without the frills. In this round, there will be no prizes, no pleas for participation…just Jesus.

As bloggers, we have an amazing platform to minister to others about the unfailing love of Christ.

Starting April 5th and continuing until April 12th (which is Easter Sunday), I will have a Mr. Linky up on Becoming Me and you are all invited to link one of your posts about Easter. It can be an older post or one you create especially for this year. This is not a writing contest, numbers contest, a commenting contest, or any other sort of competition. It is just a time to share your heart with as many people as possible. You are welcome to share poems or stories written by others as long as you attribute the sources and have the approrpiate permission to do so. Songs, poignant pictures drawn by your children, and scripture verses are also appropriate.

Edie, from Rich Gifts Designs donated the gorgeous promotional buttons above. Later today I will have the codes to each of those buttons printed on my sidebar. You are welcome to take the code to either button and place it on your blog.

I hope you all are having a beautiful start to your weeks. I enjoyed taking it easy today and recovering. Also, if you look at my left side bar, you will see four precious faces. Will you consider taking some time to pray for those dear children? Clicking on those buttons will also lead you to updates about their health and progress.

13 thoughts on “>Because of the Cross

  1. >oh, I am so far behind on reading your blog…How did it get this way??? I missed the first carnival so I’m glad you’re doing this one. I’ve missed you but my house is clean ;)I’m glad I got here in time to pray for your health…tooth pain is the worst!!


  2. >Feel better!!I’ll have a post about Easter, for sure. I got all tied up with my retreat planning and didn’t post a specific one for Thrills and Frills. You’re so great at building a community 🙂


  3. >Loved your comments about Lost on Rocks in my Dryer! I’m on the same page as you — the Losties *have* to at least be thinking about trying to influence Ben. And I also think Jack is way overrated, and loved Sawyer’s comments about Jack blindly reacting to whatever comes his way — I think we can credit Juliet for a lot of Sawyer’s new strength of character, she seems to bring out the best in him. Looking forward to clicking around your blog! 🙂


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