>Overwhelming Peace

>The blue cloudless sky touched the indigo ocean. White capped waves gently rolled to meet the shell-laden sand. Pumpkindoodle helped her daddy build a fort to protect them from the fierce dragon named Z-man, a rather content prisoner.

Lulled into serenity by the water’s song and the warm salty breeze caressing my skin, I closed my eyes and began to pray. The tender moment was laced with an oxymoron…overwhelming peace. My talk with God included two words repeated innumerable times…”Thank you.”

And then I listened.

13 thoughts on “>Overwhelming Peace

  1. >Beautiful Dear Sistah!!It sounds like you are enjoying your time with your family and our precious Lord. What a blessing you are to me and I too am so thankful for your sisterness in my life.Hugz Lorie


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