>She Sees Beauty


She sees beauty in this world and in the worlds her mind begets.
Her eyes spot gems among a driveway of gravel. To her, holey leaves are amazing…not damaged. If you ask her why, she’ll say it is because those are the leaves that shared with the caterpillars.  When it rains, she pulls on her pink and leopard printed boots and dances through puddles.  Should a ray of sun cut into a cloud, she searches for a rainbow… if we find one, she is the first to proclaim it beautiful.

She sees beauty in people.
Everyone she encounters is, in her eyes, a new friend.  Age, gender, cultural differences and physical maladies are not discriminating factors she employs. Instead, she chooses her friends based on their smile…or sometimes their lack of a smile.  She climbs up her great-grandfather’s lap and envelops his neck in her arms.  His wheelchair does not bother her…nor does his paralysis, or lack of speech.  She sees him with the eyes of her heart. She sees that he is beautiful.

She sees beauty in her flawed mother.
I love her. I have always loved her. I wanted her before she was made and I wanted her even more when I watched the image of her peanut-sized body fluttering on a monitor.  When her first cries rang louder than my tired moans and her pink and perfect body squirmed in my arms, I felt as though my heart would expire from sheer exhilaration. I love her…yet sometimes I fail her. But when I ask for her forgiveness, she never hesitates. Instead, she hugs me. She says that she has the best mommy in the world. She tells me I am beautiful.

She sees beauty in giving.
Money slipped out from the birthday cards that arrived in the mail. With excitement she gasped, “This is so wonderful! I can use this money to help others…maybe I can buy food or toys for children who do not have anything.”  Sometimes, the simplest gifts from others bring her the most joy…a drawing from a friend, a paper star from her teacher, and a “moon rock” she found with a classmate are among her most cherished possessions because they are from people she loves. They mean something. She thinks they are beautiful.

She sees beauty, because she is beautiful.

Today marks the beginning of the sixth year that I am invited to revel in her beauty. Happy Birthday to my daughter…the owner of a most beautiful soul.

“How beautiful on the mountains 
       are the feet of those who bring good news, 
       who proclaim peace, 
       who bring good tidings, 
       who proclaim salvation, 
       who say to Zion, 
       ‘Your God reigns!'”
-Isaiah 52:7 NIV-

25 thoughts on “>She Sees Beauty

  1. >One of the wonderful talents that children have is to allow us to see the world around us anew.Matthew 18:2-3 And calling to Him a child, Hhe put him in the midst of them and said, "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven".In the words of Walt Streightiff "There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million".


  2. >I am crying and asking God for childlike faith.One of my favorite verses. Very fitting for a beautiful soul. I bet she would find One beautiful who had no earthly majesty.


  3. >How wonderfully you have affirmed your beautiful daughter. You need to print this or scrapbook it and frame it for her. She will love you the most for it when she is older and has children of her own.I came over to your blog from In Courage to comment about my favorite word. The word that I have not always lived by, but now I am ever mindful of it and encourage others in it…. GRACE. Now I try to see trials and testing as a means to test my Grace Quotient.Your daughter is blessed to have you as her mother.


  4. >Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet little girl!!!Just stopping in to say Hi! I know I am not the best commenter but I miss reading your posts, I hope all is well with you & you family:)


  5. >This was such a touching post! My daughter, just like your daughter, sees beauty in so many things. I feel so blessed that today, even though I wore grungy clothes, no makeup, and had crazy hair, my daughter said, "Mommy, you are pretty." Isn't it amazing how God uses children to show us His perspective of the beauty that surrounds us?


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