>How to BE Community

>This past August, my husband and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary. In eleven years of marriage we have lived in ten different homes, in eight different cities, in six different states, and in three different geographic regions of the United States. In short…we move. A lot. No, we aren’t in the military. And no, we didn’t want to make all those moves to quench a thirst for adventure. We desire stability. But for one reason or another we have lived a nomadic lifestyle of sorts for the past eleven years.

The packing and unpacking brought with it highs and lows. Saying goodbye hurt. Saying hello to the new was both scary and exciting. Each time we moved, I remember praying for community. I wanted to find a group of like-minded friends who loved Jesus, adored their families, and were committed to serving others. Often, my prayer was answered the way I wanted it answered. I moved, I went searching for friends, and I found them. Sometimes, it wasn’t so easy. But then it hit me…life is not high school. There is more to living than fitting in. If I really wanted to be a part of a community, I couldn’t just look for it.

I had to BE Community.

To read about how I learned to BE community, please click here to head on over to (in)Courage.

10 thoughts on “>How to BE Community

  1. >I had this come to my inbox via (in)courage and immediately left my heartfelt thank yous on that post. You have no idea how much your words impacted me (and I know, many more). Thank you so very much. 🙂


  2. >Hi Angela! I wanted to pop in here to hang out here at your place a bit. I squealed when you came over to visit at Faith Barista — ;). Congrats on your 11th anniversary you with & your hubs this year! Hugs from your sis in CA… !


  3. >You are very brave. In eleven years also(congradulations on sticking with it that long 😀 ), we have only lived in three houses. I must say moving is not at the top of my list of favorite things to do. You sure are a trooper to have managed 10 moves. Kudos to you. I admire you.


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