High School Meets Real Life Meets (in)Courage

My post latest (in)Courage post, Collision and Comeback, shares the inspirational story of John Ulsh. Four years ago, John and his family survived a horrific car crash. Usually, people are exaggerating when they use the word horrific. In this case, I think I am understating reality.

John Ulsh "pumping his leg"

I do not remember the first time I met John … it was probably in the hallways of Lenkerville Elementary School, circa nineteen-eighty-something. We grew up in the same sleepy town in Central Pennsylvania and were the type of acquaintances who knew of the other without knowing each other (John’s younger brother and I were in the same high school graduating class).

While I may not remember meeting John for the first time, I do remember the first time I read about his amazing recovery after the car accident.

It’s one of those stories that causes one to gasp, shake her head and then cheer.  As wonderful as it is to read about John’s astounding progress — from being given a less than 3 percent chance of survival (he was recently featured in a national fitness magazine) — to learning how to walk again — to being able to bench press 300 pounds — it is even more of a blessing to learn about how the experience deepened his faith in God.

Please visit (in)Courage to read my telling of John’s story, and then please get to know John through his blog and Facebook page.