September 11, 2011 – Anniversary Prayer

On that blue-sky morning ten-years ago, I sat at my desk more than 1,200 miles away from the falling towers, the scorched Pennsylvania field and the burning Pentagon. I do not remember the words I stuttered to God, but I do remember praying.

As I think about religious leaders being excluded from the official 9/11 commemoration, I am reminded that – invitation or not – God will be at the ceremony. He will be there to comfort those who mourn, just as he is available every day.

Today, I will not complain about injustice or ponder the pros and cons of political correctness.

I will not wish harm on those responsible for the crushing attacks that spun my homeland into despair.

I will not even ask tough questions or seek to understand why.

Today, I will pray.

I pray with aching heart for those who lost loved ones … those whose memories replay September 11, 2001 in frame-by-frame detail. I pray that they will be blanketed with peace and comfort.

I pray for those who rejoiced as the planes crashed, glass melted and concrete crumbled. I pray that truth will penetrate their blackened hearts.

I pray for my children … for all children. I pray that they will be harbingers of light, forgiveness and love.

What prayers are you lifting up today?