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Over at (in)Courage, I have a post up about sleep-overs with my daughter, community and the upcoming (in) Real Life event. Right here today, in our small little community, I’d love to have a discussion about traditions you have that build community. Do you have family picnics? Lunches with girlfriends? A “signature gift” to cheer up a friend? Anything goes. Let’s talk.

2 thoughts on “Community Tradition

  1. I am not great in the kitchen, but through the years I’ve tried to keep store-bought cookie dough on hand and when I make cookies it usually provides time for some good conversation. I know it’s a “no-no” but I have allowed the kids and myself to sneak a taste of cookie dough. We talk about the school day, friendships, what’s coming up in their lives, etc. My oldest is now off to college and my son is a senior in high school. I am trying to keep some sort of tradition in all of our lives by sending care packages with notes and allowing my son to cook a meal for the family during the week. Life is changing all the time, and to a certain extent “tradition” does too!


  2. I love this sleepover idea as well as your statements about community from a different perspective. We’ve utilized the concept of date nights in our home. We have 3 children. They each have one designed night of the week where they have 30 minutes of my undivided attention (after the others are in bed). They each choose what we “do”. It has ranged from games, to puzzles, to a favorite show, to dress up & make believe dramas( the stretch for me). They hold me to this! Hopefully, they realized their individual impotence to me as we celebrate their likes as they see me prioritize bonding & building. It’s fun, I’ve learned!


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