Are you dreams your own?

Somewhere along the timeline of my life – and I cannot pinpoint the exact day it happened or why it happened – I deemed myself undesirable. I knew that God loved me and that Jesus died for me, but never grasped the entire beauty that resides in that truth. Instead, I viewed myself as someone that God had to love … and someone whom most humans would never want to get close enough to know, let alone love. And with that warped world view, I began my quest to be wanted. I began changing everything about myself … starting with my dreams.

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One thought on “Are you dreams your own?

  1. Thank you so much for your words of truth, for being vulnerable. What a beautiful reminder! I have and still do struggle with my identity in Christ. I am constantly pulling back what is laid at His feet and then sheepishly placing it back again. It truly is a daily practice!


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