Just Breathe

Photo Credit: JRU Studio

Photo Credit: JRU Studio

Six years have rushed by since I first stepped my big toe into the blogging community. It was obsession at first type. I couldn’t get enough of sharing my stories, reading others’ words, and commenting on post after post.

My world looked vastly different then. I typed and read most posts with a sleeping babe on my lap while my toddler napped in her bedroom. For me, blogging was a type of therapy … a connection place … a soft place to land. I even felt closer to God when I blogged.

A few years later, the romance dwindled and I had fallen out of love … well not completely … honestly, I just grew weary. I still adored and needed my blogging community, but with managing three new jobs and three new moves in three short years … words stopped coming to me. Or at least organized ideas for blog posts stopped coming to me. And after a while fear seeped deep into me and I came up with 100 reasons to let go of my blog space.

And then … I went to the beach … with these ladies … and they did what they do best … they encouraged. They spoke truth. They shared their stories honestly and they told me they wanted to keep hearing mine.

“Just breathe … then write … a little at a time … share your voice,” said one of my sweet (in) sisters.

“Don’t worry about shinning Angela. Let Jesus shine through you,” said another.

Many ideas flowed from the sweet motivation my dear friends provided and I decided to stop neglecting my blog. I wanted a fresh look to accompany my fresh start, so I reached out to the highly-recommended and fabulously talented Noelle Mena.

Noelle is one of those artists whose spirit aligns with her work … lovely, creative, intuitive, bold, simultaneously free-spirited and grounded (how does that happen???). She did more than review my favorite color pallets and fonts … she listened to my heart … she asked thought-provoking questions … she read my older posts … and through that process, she got to know me extremely well in less than seven days. And the result … you’re looking at it. Isn’t it pretty?

I will have more to share with you about my blog, the new tagline and all those circles. But for now, I’m going to stay in baby step mode, breathe, hit “Publish”, breathe some more and then come back again.

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  1. I found your blog a while ago and shared your story with a few friends who were going through PPD (I too had severe anxiety after having our first baby). Your words are encouraging and also really need to be heard! So glad you’re back and I love the new look!


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