Time to Refresh

Fringe Hour Breathe

Winter tires me. My schedule mires me. Put the two together and I spend too many days faking a smile and biting down anger and angst.

When I hit the doldrums, the first thing that slides from my radar is taking care of myself. Forget about finding time to enjoy a hobby, I can’t seem to muster a moment to take proper care of my body. I mean … I shower, wash my hair and brush my teeth every day, but the extras like removing chipped nail polish, applying lotion, and styling my hair fall to the wayside fast.


Exhibit A

before nails

I went to work for a solid week with my nails looking like that. I figured if I just ignored them, no one else would notice either.

before thumbNot pretty.

And by Tuesday night of this past week, I looked at those nails and my worn appearance …

before me

(exhibit B)

And I knew something had to give before I completely gave up on caring about myself. So I took a deep breath and toddled forward a baby step to toward the fringe hours of my week to allow some space for self care.  I started small, yet the difference it made was huge.

First, I removed my chipped polish. Then, I called my hair stylist to see if there were any weeknight openings for me to get a trim. Thankfully, there was one spot available for Wednesday night, so I took it.

After I scheduled the appointment, I melted away tons of tension in a hot shower, applied my favorite body lotion, slipped into some comfy jammies and filed my fingernails before applying a fresh coat of polish and a little glitter, because I needed something bright to splash through some of the gray.

after nails

After I jazzed up my fingers, I took a few minutes to clear away the smudges and excess paint. While they aren’t as pretty as they’d be if I had been able to go to a professional manicurist, they look so much better than they did when the week began and that is progress.



Fortunately, I did see a professional to help me trim off the frayed ends of my winter-damaged tresses, and the results not only boosted my spirits, but also raised my energy level.

after me

And that’s it. I didn’t have a spa day. I didn’t spend a heap of money. But I did make some time for myself and actually found that the refresh helped raise both  my attitude and productivity level at work and home.

If, like me, you have difficulty carving out time for wonderful you, I encourage you to order a copy of Jessica N. Turner’s book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You.

Fringe Hours Cover

Jessica’s writing style is warm, engaging and not even a twinge preachy. She’s not a know-it-all, do-it-all, gotta-be-perfect-or-bust supermom.  She’s an encourager who has given herself permission to embrace her God-given talents and passions … and she’s on a mission to help other women do the same.