What I learn about myself when I draw closer to God


“Too often I strained to be a carbon copy of someone I admired instead of allowing myself to feel cozy in my own skin. More than once had I hopped on top of a ledge stacked with comparisons, looking at those ahead of me and wanting to catch up . . . wanting to be anywhere but in the place in which I stood.”

Can you relate? Come on over to (in)courage to read the rest of the message inspired by my son’s need for better impulse control.

2 thoughts on “What I learn about myself when I draw closer to God

  1. Again, beautifully written! I am often the child falling and getting hurt, which also means I am getting the heartfelt, unconditional love that only God can give. I guess I learn the hard way, which has opened me up to the beauty of grace. The most amazing thing is, that no matter how often I fall, He picks me up, holds me, lets me learn and still loves me!


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