When You Look at Another Person and See Yourself

We may wear our emotions differently, but fear, pain, anger, confusion, joy, happiness, and gratitude are strangers to none. We see, both in times of tragedy and celebration, that when people come together, deep inside us we have more in common than what’s projected on the surface.

Our overarching dreams and needs are the same: to be safe, to provide for ourselves and those we hold dear, to make a difference,to love, and to be loved.

God purposefully threaded the fabric of humankind with likeness just as He gave us all our one-of-a-kind patches that don’t define our worth but do testify to our individuality. Even identical twins aren’t completely identical. While knitting us in the womb, God intended that every fiber identifying us as an original would connect with the soul-pieces everyone claims.

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2 thoughts on “When You Look at Another Person and See Yourself

  1. Love this! Missing you! It is my first week and I am learning a lot! Will be in touch soon…hope all is well with you. Look forward to sharing what I am learning and seeing here once I get a better understanding.

    Hugs and love, Donna >


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